Wait to ask for a seat deposit deadline extension

Patience is a virtue. This seems to be especially true in scholarship negotiations and when asking for seat deposit extensions. In my excitement to negotiate for something with law schools, I asked for a few week seat deposit extension with all of the schools I was interested in.

Bad move.

Only two schools emailed me back about my request. One said the school did not do seat deposit extensions. The other school essentially said that it was too early to request a seat deposit extension. The rest never contacted me about my email. Yikes.

Eventually, one admissions officer brought up my request in a phone call. That phone call happened like 4 weeks after the fact. He had remembered my request but waited all that time to mention it. I felt silly as I wasn’t interested in that school anymore anyways.

The lesson that I learned is to be patient when asking for seat deposit extensions. You will feel uncomfortable if you ask for them too early in advance. I would wait until I was a week away from the deadline to bring it up.