Private conversations should remain private

I have learned a hard lesson of life. Much like learning that a stove top is hot and will burn you by touching it, I have learned that private conversations should remain private by posting a private conversation publicly. I foolishly posted word-for-word a private message conversation that I had with an expert in a certain field. This was not wise nor honest.

While I was writing the post, I wondered if it was a bad idea. But, the information that I had gained from the private conversation was very useful and helpful. I rationalized that by sharing it freely, it would benefit the public. I also rationalized that it may save this person from receiving a few more private inquiries.

What I should have done is first messaged this person to ask their permission. This is a key step that I skipped. I blazed ahead in my foolish course.

When the person saw my post, they were not pleased. They asked me to remove it. I immediately did so. I also immediately felt bad about the entire incident. Yuck. It was a bad choice that I made.

To make matters worse, now this kind and helpful expert may not be answering other people’s private messages. I don’t blame them. I have apologized and have learned an extremely important and useful lesson. Private conversations should remain private.

Well, I suppose there is an exception, they can become public if the other party agrees.