Paul Lisnek on public speaking and staying positive

“Success in public speaking rests in proper preparation, rehearsal, keeping some key delivery tips in mind, and, most important, adjusting the movie that runs through our heads that keeps trying to tell us over and over just how terrible the experience is going to be. Nothing can be further from the truth; we just have to make the shift internally. Simply put, for most people who fear public speaking, the resolution rests in their own minds. It is within their power to change.

An attorney who would never dream of walking into court shaky on any point of fact or law about her case is remarkably the same lawyer who walks into that same courtroom, and, in that same case, is shaky about the expected performance of one or more of the witnesses. The simple truth is that lawyers do not take the time necessary to prepare their clients and witnesses to testify.

Paul M. Lisnek, The Art of Lawyering

A plaintiff has the option of suing for damages in a civil case either where an event, such as an accident, happened, or wherever the defendant resides. Consider just how powerful such a decision can be.

Paul M. Lisnek