It’s too soon for law school scholarship negotiations

I have a few scholarship offers and was wondering when I should start the negotiation process. After doing a great deal of reading and research, I feel pretty confident that it is wise for me to wait as long as possible to start scholarship negotiations. If I had more money, I would put deposits down for each school that I am seriously considering and then begin negotiations.

The logic is that the deans will have money free up from applicants who were offered scholarships but decided to attend a different school. As the seat deposit deadline approaches, more and more of these applicants will choose different schools and then notify schools of their withdrawals. As this happens, more money is freed up for the deans to use in negotiations.

If I was to approach schools now, they may not have any free money to utilize. They would probably tell me that they would not be increasing my reward. However, later on, they may have money become available from withdrawals. By waiting as long as possible, I do risk the chance that my schools could have over offered and still don’t have any money to negotiate with. But, at least I will be as strategic as possible by waiting as long as possible.

The original version of this post has been edited due to my poor judgement.