Interactive charts of the top 50 law schools (2009-2014)

I love iteration and improvement. When people saw the charts I posted a few days ago, most liked them. They were mentioned at Above The Law and The TaxProf Blog, which was really very neat.

But, some of you wanted changes. It was suggested that the Y-Axis should be flipped in order to show the higher ranked schools above the lower ranked schools. Good idea!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to implement it. I was using Google Drive to create the charts through a spreadsheet and was having no luck switching the Y. I gave up on Google Drive and found a new charting platform.

Enter Not only can I switch the Y-Axis, I am able to embed interactive and responsive charts. There are a few different themes to choose from and most look pretty nice. The only downside that I have found is that they take a bit to load.

If you would like to embed one of the following charts, just click on the black arrow on the bottom left corner of the chart.

The top 14 law schools

Law schools 15 – 24

Law schools 26 – 31

Law schools 36 – 41

Law schools 45 – 49