Federal Wiretapping Law Memo

In my first semester of law school, I was asked to research and write about federal wiretapping law. I’ve decided to publish my┬ámock memo here in the hopes that it may help someone researching about federal wiretapping law. I can’t guarantee that my work is 100% correct as I only got a 3.3 on the mock memo haha. Oh well. Unemployment for me. Just kidding… sort of. Well then, without further adieu, here is the memo:

An interview with LSAT master Dave Hall

Today, I present to the world an interview with a man who has scored a 180 on the LSAT three times! That is seriously incredible. Interestingly enough, those three 180’s are from June administrations of the LSAT. (Maybe you should take the LSAT in June?) Anyways, Dave Hall is the founder of Velocity Test Prep and was kind enough to provide excellent answers to a few questions: